JOHN STALEY JOHN STALEY Assorted mats, coasters and a hair beret 93145834 93145484 93145483 Ear rings 85125797 93145485 93145482 Needle and pin Holders 85125796 Match Holder 85125697 Lighter Holder 85125802 Bowline in a bottle Bowline in a bottle with a 5 point star knot on top 111971093 Knife Handle Wrapped in the "Katana" type tradition topped off with turks heads 85125801 Detachable belt clip for folding knife 85125799 Lanyard 85125798 Assorted fobs and lanyard knots 85125803 93145481 Assorted Soloman Bar bracelets 85125699 Dog Collar & Leash 85125702 Cat Collar 85125709 Whimsical 85125703 Shock Cord Belt 85125708 Needle Hitched Eye Glass Case 163630571 Needle Hitched Eye Glass Case CLOSE UP 163630572 Small Dragonfly Earings Made with thread 163630573 Smaller Dragonfly Earing Made with horsr hair 163630574 6 Strand Kangaroo Leather Bracelet 163630578 6 Strand Kangaroo Leather Bracelet 163630579 6 Strand Kangaroo Leather Bracelet CLOSE UP 163630577 Double 4Strand Kangaroo Leather Bracelet 163630580 Double 4Strand Kangaroo Leather Bracelet CLOSE UP 163630576 163632038 163632039 163630582 163632048 163630581 163632040 163632044 Scout Staves made by my Scouts Mine's in the middle 163630583 163632042 163632041 163632046 163632047 168905755 168906033 175990399 175990401 175990400 175990402 175990403 175990404 175990405 Knot Board Can you name all the knots? 175991053 6' Nylon Bull whip 3 bellies - 4 plait, 8 plait, 16 plait overlay tapered to the fall (red piece) 189390245 Bull whip handle Double diamond plait. The body of the whip is a herringbone pattern 189390244 Get back whips Although you do not see them too often, get back whips have adorned the brake or clutch cable levers since the early 50's. They are a great deterrent to any vehicles that get "too close". Get back whips were usually made in the colours of your local motorcycle club. Today, folks want them to match their bike colour. 189390246 Get Back whip handles Attaching hardware is called a "panic snap" which is most commonly used on horse cross ties. Handle on left is a samurai katana wrap. Handle on right is a four over plait using 8 strands 189390248 Bottom of whip notice that fringe on right has been cut short. Some riders prefer not to get smacked in the face whilst riding down the highway 189390249 Riding Crop Paracord 8 strand plait over graphite shaft 189390250 Riding crop Handle 189390251 Riding crop 8strand plait tapered down to 4 strand short herringbone plait. leather flap hand sewn 189390247